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Empowering Students Worldwide with a Christian-based Curriculum.


Our Digital Coaches are here to boost academic success! 


GREENSPACE is the ultimate supervised Hub for students.


We are an online Christian-based school that caters for students (Kindergarten – Grade 12) located anywhere around the world.

Our vision is to strengthen the next generation with a Godly worldview, nurturing every student in their academic, social, emotional and spiritual development in an innovative and holistic way.


Murray Averill’s involvement in education has spanned almost four decades. He has held roles as a mathematics teacher, deputy principal, principal, chair of a school board, leader of a Bible college, and senior pastor for 11 years. He holds bachelor’s degrees in science and education, as well as master’s degrees in educational administration and business administration. Currently, Murray serves as the executive director of Alpha Australia, driven by his motivation to help people and organizations grow and thrive.


Kingdomcity School is offering the highly acclaimed Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) curriculum to children ages 5 to 18 (Kindergarten to Grade 12).

This curriculum uses the Bible as the basis for instruction and instils Christian values across all classes. LUOA is internationally accredited by multiple councils including the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and regionally by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) division of Cognia.


Our Academic Program has five key fields of study: Core Subjects, Spiritual Education, Moral Education, Personal Development and Electives. These fields comprise areas that are vital to a holistic school experience. We believe that a Christ-centred education is essential for every believer. The Moral Education course includes content adapted from Greenhouse classes (Kingdomcity’s vehicle of discipleship), which will provide students with a solid foundation of discipleship. Chapel and Homeroom are weekly sessions carved out for Personal Development where students can get involved, worship together, be empowered and interact with peers across the world. 


At Kingdomcity School, students’ learning is done in an online format that is interactive, stimulating and engaging. Designed to fit your needs, we offer a flexible class structure so that each student can work anywhere, at their own time and pace. 


Coursework will be graded and assessed by certified educators and subject specialists who will also respond to any questions students might have, as well as overseeing record-keeping. However, to ensure each student is progressing in a healthy manner parent supervision is still recommended.

The Digital Coach option is also available to students in Grades 4-12.


A distraction-free learning environment is vital. Greenspace is a dedicated, supervised study space with strong internet access and basic IT requirements necessary for online learning. Students only need to bring their own up-to-date laptop.

The Greenspace option is open to students in Grade 4-12 in selected cities.


After moving from a conventional school to Kingdomcity School, Luke has improved in every single metric.He’s taken his average grade from a “D” to a high “B”, and has grown in his aptitude, attitude and ability to read and comprehend.


Luke's Father

God is brought into the lessons and that makes the difference. Since joining Kingdomcity School, my son is now more open to mix with other kids and is also more sensitive to the things of God. I see him growing in the fruits of the Holy Spirit and growing in his love for those around him. 


Luke's Mother

We love Greenspace because it is a safe environment for our child to learn with people that we know have the same belief system as us. We are also thankful that our daughter still gets to interact with other children. 

Amy & Calvin

Hayley's Parents





What is the curriculum breakdown?

For a more detailed course overview including each course’s description, click on the relevant link below.

Middle School
High School

Please note that Core Electives are additional subjects that will incur an additional cost.

Will there be additional courses offered such as sports and drama?

We offer a variety of Electives courses for selected age groups. The full range of our current Electives can be viewed at our Curriculum page.

Does Kingdomcity School meet my country's educational requirements?

Kingdomcity School is an online school designed to provide families with an internationally accredited curriculum and other educational opportunities aligned with Kingdomcity School’s Statement of Faith and objectives. Kingdomcity School is not registered with any government body as a non-government or independent school.

Due to differing educational requirements globally, parents will be responsible to confirm and meet their local educational laws and requirements for homeschooling students.  

For more about Homeschooling requirements internationally, click here.

Requirements for Malaysia
Homeschooling applications can be made at the State Education Department in Malaysia. Guidelines on homeschooling in Malaysia can be seen here.

Requirements for Perth
Parents will need to seek approval from their respective states. Contact the nearest office here.

Requirements for Singapore
Homeschooling applications can be made by emailing the Singapore Ministry of Education here. Guidelines on homeschooling in Singapore can be seen here.

Will there be support offered to families?

Students can submit a request for pastoral care on the Kingdomcity School Portal by clicking the Help button.

Touchpoint meetings between the Student Advisors and families will be organized termly. On top of that, parents also get to meet with the Principal at the Principal’s Roundtable. 

Our School Chaplain and Homeroom leaders are also accessible if students need to speak with them or need prayer. 

How much will parents need to be involved IN their children’s schooling?

Parental involvement is highly encouraged especially in monitoring task completion. However, parents are not expected to grade, test or teach.


What are the school fees?

Fees Per Student: 

  • Kindergarten (Full Year): US$2000 
  • Grades 1 to 8 (Full Year): US$3000 
  • Grades 9 to 12 (Full Year): US$4000 

Please note that each application will incur a US$50 fee and that some additional Electives will incur an extra fee.* The application fee of US$50 will be waived for applications by 31 October 2023 

Please also note that the fees do not cover uniforms, books required for reading, and study supplies. The list of materials needed can be obtained from a Student Advisor. 

Complete the Contact Us form below to get in touch with a Student Advisor. 


*Terms apply 

Do the fees include all resources?

The fees cover all academic and software resources. However, you will need to provide some standard school supplies for your child.  

A laptop/computer (not more than 2-3 years old) is required for each child as their lessons will be fully online. (Please note that Chromebooks are not compatible with Liberty’s Learning Management System). 

  • High-speed internet capable of streaming video is required (5+ Mbps)
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must have access to a printer for worksheets and assignments
  • Greenspace will require students to wear School merchandise

Please note that the fees do not include any books required for reading. The list of books needed can be obtained from a Student Advisor.

Complete the Contact Us form below to get in touch with a Student Advisor. 


What is a Digital Coach?

A Digital Coach helps coach your child remotely via an online video platform. This additional service is available to students in Grade 4 and above only.

Digital Coaches help to organise student’s schedules in accordance with their family calendar, provide termly shopping list of lessons and tasks, and monitors the child’s progress.

Digital Coaches also provide on-call assistance to students during Greenspace hours, and share daily progress updates with parents along with a weekly report which highlights areas of study that may require additional attention. They also communicate a shopping list (per term) of school materials needed for upcoming lessons.

To find out more about the fees applicable for Digital Coach and Greenspace, speak to a Student Advisor by completing the Contact Us form below.


Greenspace is a dedicated, supervised space with WiFi and printer access, made available to our Kingdomcity School students in Grade 4-12 who have Digital Coaches.

Students will need to undergo an admission assessment to determine their suitability for Greenspace and may be required to undergo probation.

Parents of students with special needs must contact a School Advisor prior to signing up for Greenspace.

  • Open from 8:30AM–2:30PM.
  • Available in established Kingdomcity locations, based on local demand.

School merchandise attire is required for all students using Greenspace.

Please note that all classes will still be conducted online.

Where is GREENSPACE available?

Greenspace is currently available at our Kingdomcity Wangara Hub in Perth, Australia and at our Kingdomcity KL Hub in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Details are still being finalised on which other cities will be offering the Greenspace option in the future for 2024.


For general enquiries, please use the contact form below. 

If you have questions about enrolment or admissions, please email us at enrolment@kingdomcity.school.

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