Posted 3 April 2022

Today I Learnt: Building an Ark is Like Homework! Sometimes it Takes a LONGGGG Time   

By Keilani Young

It was a random Tuesday morning during Bible class when I learned about Noah and how he persevered. Noah received a vision from God to build an ark, even though it took years and years and years for him to build it. Somewhere around 100 years!! I can imagine that when Noah was building the ark, the people who were around him would tease him and ask, “Why are you still building? Answer me, Noah! Why are you still building?”  But Noah kept on building.  

I don’t think Noah knew, when he received the vision, just how long it would actually take to build it. 

Learning about Noah’s perseverance seemed like the perfect timing for me.  

I made a video of a news story with Noah for my assignment… and it took a long time, but we did it.

Then I found out that I was never supposed to make that video, but instead, I needed to write a transcript of the whole thing!! I persevered in writing the transcript despite having filmed it. It didn’t take me 100 years to write it out, but it sure felt like it! 

So, what I learned on just another Tuesday is that when you persevere, amazing things can happen! 

Perseverance is an amazing thing, super amazing! 

And guess what? Whoever’s reading this, I have an assignment for ya! This week, try persevering in doing something that is hard. Then, write about it and show it to someone, whether that’s your pet, parent or sibling!  

Hope you liked this blog, and don’t forget to persevere!