American Curriculum

The Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) curriculum is for children aged 5 to 18 (from Kindergarten to Grade 12).

    LUOA Academic Preview

      Kingdomcity School vs. Homeschooling

      Although Kingdomcity School and Homeschooling are facilitated outside a traditional brick & mortar school, Kingdomcity School is vastly different from homeschool. 

      Homeschooling is parent-led which means that the primary responsibility for teaching and instruction falls on the parents. Parents compile their study materials and build a curriculum that is suitable for their child based on their age and ability. In a homeschool curriculum, teaching materials are designed for parents to be the ones teaching their children and is often a full-time commitment. 

      Kingdomcity school is an Online program which means that learning is done virtually through written content, pre-recorded, interactive videos, and online live sessions organized through a learning platform. It is specifically designed for students to learn independently through guided discovery. Online schools will also have professionally trained teachers who will provide guidance, feedback and grade students’ work within an accredited and structured curriculum. The role of the parent in an Online school program is to facilitate learning rather than committing to full-time teaching.

      For more about Homeschooling requirements internationally, click here.

      Online School vs. Conventional Schools During the Pandemic

      During the pandemic, schools that are heavily based on teacher-lead curriculum and resource-heavy teaching methodology were forced to go online due to pandemic-related restrictions. Many regular schools aren’t designed to cater online and didn’t always have the right resources or online training to make learning engaging and effective for students. Kingdomcity School is designed for online learning and uses curriculum designed internationally for student-led, autonomous learning. Additional avenues for engagement, and socializing with other kids is further enhanced through Homeroom, Greenspace, and VR interactions.

        Course Supply List

        Parents and students are advised to print the applicable course supply lists prior to the start of each course.

        Securing the items needed in advance will ensure timelines for completing course projects are met.

        Kingdomcity Course Supply List will be coming soon.