Although Kingdomcity School and homeschooling are both conducted outside of the traditional brick and mortar school, Kingdomcity School differs significantly from homeschooling in several ways.

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  • Parent-led: The primary responsibility for teaching and instruction falls on the parents.
  • Parents choose the curriculum and compile study materials that best meet their child’s needs and ability.
  • Homeschooling curriculum is often custom-built by parents. Accreditation is not always guaranteed and is largely based on materials chosen.
  • Homeschooling curriculum is designed for parents to be the main teachers and is often a full-time commitment.
  • Parents need to be the primary teachers or an external tutor must be appointed.
  • The pace, course-selection and grading are completely parent-led.
  • Online program: Learning is done virtually through written content, pre-recorded interactive videos, and online live sessions organised through a learning platform.
  • Trained teachers will provide guidance, feedback and grade students’ work within an accredited and structured curriculum.
  • Curriculum is accredited, structured and the core curriculum meets international learning standards.
  • Students learn through guided discovery utilising a custom-built learning platform that allows students to access course material, track their progress, submit their work and receive graded feedback.
  • Course material is largely integrated into the learning platform.

A common misconception about online school stems from the experience many families had during the pandemic, where lessons were taught via teacher-led video conferencing. With the sudden pivot, many schools did not have the resources or training to take a curriculum that was designed for a physical classroom and build it for the online context. In contrast to that, Kingdomcity School promotes autonomous learning by students through an innovative, interactive platform that was built specifically for this context.


Although the model of Kingdomcity School may not be the education solution for every child and family, it is a viable alternative to consider in view of its advantages:

One of the biggest advantages of e-learning is its flexibility. Students can study at any time, from anywhere, as long as they have the necessary equipment and a stable internet connection. This is especially beneficial for students who have busy schedules or commitments outside of school. They are not bound by rigid timetables and can review lessons or contact teachers at their own convenience.

Our vision is to strengthen the next generation with a Godly worldview. With lessons that use the Bible as the basis for instruction, students learn academic concepts anchored in the Word of God, rather than secular information. Imagine learning about the solar system based on creation from the book of Genesis or studying the geographical features of mountains as a form of worship to God and adoration of His creation. The LUOA curriculum has been structured to foster a Godly worldview as the foundation on which students will process life experiences.

In most cases, traditional classrooms struggle to meet the diverse learning needs of individual students due to limited resources and time constraints. With e-learning, a student’s learning experience is easily personalised to their learning style and unique needs. Another advantage of e-learning is the continuous assessment and feedback which allows teachers to help identify where students require further assistance. This can significantly reduce the stress that comes from traditional grading systems which focus primarily on final exams.


Parents and students are advised to print the applicable course supply lists prior to the start of each course.

Securing the items needed in advance will ensure timelines for completing course projects are met.

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