Posted 3 April 2022

Home-schoolers Don’t Go to University

Busting Home-Schooling Myths

By Lizzie Young

MYTH: My kids won’t get into university if I home-school them. 


I know 16-year-olds who are in the midst of completing their fourth (yes, FOURTH) year of university purely because they weren’t held back by the time constraints of learning in a big classroom. With home-schooling, kids are able to go at the pace they are capable of! The only thing that could be a limitation is their attention span, but it’s not as bad as you may think!  

Who says you can’t complete two school grades in one year? We did! All while finishing our daily schooling by lunchtime! Not only that, but home-school curriculums provide the platform to incorporate God into EVERY subject, not having to undo the confusion that comes with popular opinion or a secular standard of truth.  

    There is absolutely no reason to assume that home-schooled children have the lowest intellectual capacity.  

    In fact, it is generally the opposite. By far and wide, home-schoolers exceed expectations in relation to common core standards; and it’s because they’re given the beautiful privilege of cultivating their purpose, gifts, and identity at a far younger age than if they were in a mainstream school.  

    Kids are so often graduating high school with the overwhelming pressure of choice in deciding on a pathway that would set them up for the rest of their lives. Tons of young adults differ university, quit midway through, or change the focus of their degree over and over again because of an indecision in their career path, and are ultimately afraid of what may lie ahead in their own life’s journey.  

    Imagine if you could bypass all of this mess, purely by instilling moral character, stewarding their gifts and passions at an early age, and sowing into their God-given identity day in and day out as they mature. What spirit-led vessels they could be by the time they reach 17 or 18 and are venturing into the big wide world of chaos and opportunity! And how privileged would you feel to have had a front row seat in it all!