Posted 3 April 2022

Three Questions for a Third Grader

3 For 3 

By Mika Isaacs

What better way to find out more about Kingdomcity School learning than from one of our very own students from Kuala Lumpur? We sat down with Mika, one of our Third Graders, to ask him 3 questions about what he enjoys most about Kingdomcity School!

    Hey Mika! So, I heard that one part of Kingdomcity School that you absolutely love is Homeroom! What is your favourite part about it, and do you have a favourite memory from Homeroom?  

    I think my favourite part is definitely hearing everyone’s answers for the questions. Every week we get asked fun questions, and every week is different, and we always take turns to say our answers to the questions! I do have a favourite memory! It was during Homeroom one time that I found out that Tobias, my bestie, was in the same grade as me! I used to live in Dubai, when Tobias used to live in KL; but NOW I live in KL, and he lives in Dubai!  

      That’s awesome! How does it feel to have classmates from all over the world? Do you like being able to catch up and connect with them every week?

      Yeah, I like it – it’s great to see them from Zambia, Dubai, Malaysia and Perth!  

      And just a last question… You talked about fun questions being asked every week; if you could ask a fun question of your own, what would it be, and what would your answer for it be?   

      I would ask, “If you could invent anything, what would you invent?”  

      I would invent a Wish-a-nator! It’s a machine where you put on a cap, and the machine sees what dreams you’ve had and shows it all on a screen. Then, it’ll filter it into what God wants for you, and then what you dream will come true!!