Posted 11 July 2022

Top 5 Homeschool How-To’s

By Kgomotso King

I’ve home-schooled for the past four years, so I’m no expert, but it was the sharing from parents who were ahead of me in the journey that helped me gain momentum and avoid pitfalls.

We decided to home-school after recognizing that our son was excelling in class but there was no support for him. I was reluctant at first because I’m not a trained teacher but soon realized the grace I have as his mother allowed me to train him up in every way; even academically. 

So, firstly, before anything else… you’re amazing!

Your decision to give your children a home-based learning experience is admirable, and we are cheering you on! With that being said, here are my 5 top tips that will help you with getting started! 

1. Find your why
Write out your “WHY” while it is still clear and full of passion and determination. Keep it somewhere visible and easy to access. This will help you refresh your vision and regain your determination on tough days when things don’t go according to plan and you are struggling with getting cooperation from your students. 

2. Finding a Home-schooling Community
Connect with like-minded people; look around and find other families who home-school. They can answer your questions, allow you to see and review their at-home teaching habits and show you how homeschooling works for them. You can learn about age-appropriate activities your children may want to participate in, such as sports, or small clubs that suit your child’s interests. This will give you valuable information that will help you define what’s best for your family! With Kingdomcity School, you get introduced to a community that shares information, ideas and past experiences from a local and global context. 

3. Learn your country’s home-school laws
Home-schooling rules and regulations vary widely from country to country and in some countries, they differ from state to state. Do some research and find out the specific requirements for your location. Go through them and ensure you understand them. Kingdomcity School can help with this, as there will be families who have experience with it and can share some practical knowledge. 

4. Planning
Create a home-school space for focused learning and decide on a daily routine that flows with your family. Your home-school space can be just as fluid as you need it to be. Many home-schoolers do most of their schooling at the dining room or kitchen table, while some have dedicated home-school spaces. Others choose to home-school wherever the kids prefer – be it the living room couch, or the front porch. You should home-school wherever makes the most sense for your family and your space.  

Set up the space and find room to store workbooks and stationery; and get some baskets for keeping those loose supplies under control. 

5. Find local activities
When doing school with your child, you get a front-row seat to their natural way of thinking, learning and solving problems. You get a first-hand experience of what they gravitate toward, and that is an excellent guide on which activities to look for. Find recommended classes and activities through your home-school community and your child will get training in their passions and grow in their social interactions!  

There are so many ways to approach your home-schooling journey, have fun with it!

As you and your family grow, you’ll be defining and constantly redefining yourself as you go.