Posted 6 September 2022

Put Me In Coach

By Theo Dann

As a Digital Coach, I have the opportunity to assist families by helping their kids achieve their best at school by managing their schedules and helping parents to achieve desired goals for their children! It looks like re-organising their school calendar alongside any personal plans, such as frequent family travels, weekly Monday picnics, or just being new to online school! I am also constantly involving parents on their children’s school progress, saving parents the stress and frantic last-minute trip to the shops to get additional materials that their child may need immediately to work on their science project. 

And on Sundays as a Kids Pastor, I get to partner with parents and teach the Word of God to their most prized possessions – their children. Parenthood is a significant responsibility; it is a weight that is incomparable. The ability to nurture, to teach, to inspire, to love on, to impart, to protect. However, we don’t see parenthood being taught as a subject in school; like Math with formulas on ‘how to be a better parent’ or the theory of ‘saying yes = the best parent in the world’. 

Parenting may sometimes look like involving others to help you navigate the responsibilities of parenthood. And that’s precisely what a Digital Coach is!  

If you’re thinking about whether you should engage with a digital coach, here are 2 questions to ask yourself:  

1. Time Management
Do you have the ability to bring forward or postpone lessons and assignments, as well as prepare additional materials for your child’s upcoming projects? 

    2. Technology Savviness
    Do you have the accessibility to help and assist your child with technical difficulties, i.e. printing, logging onto the system, managing third-party software?  

    It has been a massive eye-opening experience for me this year as I revisited all the subjects that I had previously learned in school, but even better, now with the lens of the Creator. And Pastor Renuka’s blog about ‘Why Christian Education is the Next Generation’s War Cry’ has put that so well into words! I’d recommend reading her story if you haven’t! Being a digital coach this year has been one of the most rewarding roles I have taken on – being a part of watching children learn and develop such a wholeness in every subject. Even for me, relearning the way our Creator has made the world from how I was taught to see the world has been such a game-changer! Reading the Bible has never been more alive and applicable when I get to teach the Word of God on Sundays! 

    YES, it is a big spiritual stake in the ground but nothing of God’s Word ever comes back void.